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乙 [おつ]

(adjectival nouns or quasi-adjectives (keiyodoshi), noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

(1) second (party to an agreement)/the B party (e.g. in a contract)/the latter

(2) strange/quaint/stylish/chic/spicy/queer/witty/tasty/romantic/ (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))

(3) (See 御疲れ様) thank you/goodbye/goodnight (abbreviation) (slang)

甘い料理;旨い料理 [うまいりょうり]

tasty dish (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

好味 [こうみ]

good taste (food)/tasty food (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

脂が乗る [あぶらがのる]

(Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Godan verb with `ru' ending)

(1) to get into the swing of (one's work)/to hit one's stride

(2) fish and birds putting on some fat for winter and becoming more tasty as a result

美味しい [おいしい]

delicious/tasty/sweet (adjective (keiyoushi)) (word usually written using kana alone)