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データ辞書 [データじしょ]

data dictionary (computer terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

ユーザー辞書 [ユーザーじしょ]

user dictionary (computer terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

引く;曳く;牽く [ひく]

(Godan verb with `ku' ending, intransitive verb, transitive verb)

(1) to pull

(2) (See 注意を引く) to draw (attention, etc.)/to attract (interest, etc.)

(3) to draw back

(4) to draw (a card)

(5) (See 図面を引く) to draw (plan, line, etc.)

(6) (See 風邪を引く) to catch (cold)

(7) (See 弾く・ひく) to play (string instr.)

(8) (See 辞書を引く) to look up (e.g. dictionary)/to consult/ (Godan verb with `ku' ending, transitive verb)

(9) (esp. 牽く) to haul/to pull (vehicles)/(10) to subtract/(11) to ebb/to fade/(12) to descend (from)/to inherit (a characteristic)/(13) to quote/to raise (as evidence)/(14) to lay (a cable)/to draw (a cable)

英英辞書;英々辞書 [えいえいじしょ]

English-English dictionary (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

辞書 [じしょ]

(noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

(1) dictionary/lexicon

(2) (See 辞表) letter of resignation (archaism)

辞書に拠れば [じしょによれば]

based on (according to) the dictionary (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))

辞書を引く [じしょをひく]

to consult a dictionary (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Godan verb with `ku' ending)

辞書学 [じしょがく]

lexicology (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

辞書形 [じしょけい]

dictionary form (linguistics terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

辞書攻撃 [じしょこうげき]

dictionary attack (computer terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))