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がなり立てる [がなりたてる]

(See がなる) to yell/to shout (Ichidan verb)

せき立てる;急き立てる;急立てる(io) [せきたてる]

to hurry (up)/to press/to urge on (Ichidan verb, transitive verb)

どなり立てる;怒鳴り立てる;呶鳴り立てる [どなりたてる]

to stand and shout (Ichidan verb)

案を立てる [あんをたてる]

to draft a proposal/to draught a proposal (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb)

異を立てる [いをたてる]

to raise an objection/to voice an opinion different from those of others (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb)

引き立てる;引立てる [ひきたてる]

to favour/to favor/to promote/to march (a prisoner off)/to support (Ichidan verb, transitive verb)

引っ立てる [ひったてる]

to walk someone off (e.g. to the police station) (Ichidan verb)

押し立てる;押したてる;押立てる;推し立てる [おしたてる]

(Ichidan verb, transitive verb)

(1) to set up/to raise

(2) to nominate/to choose as a representative

(3) to push/to shove

押っ立てる [おったてる]

to raise/to set up (Ichidan verb, transitive verb)

王を立てる [おうをたてる]

to enthrone a king (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb)