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アップグレードの準備 [アップグレードのじゅんび]

preparing to upgrade/upgrade preparation (computer terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

コミット準備完了状態 [コミットじゅんびかんりょうじょうたい]

ready-to-commit state (computer terminology) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

下 [した]

(noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

(1) below/down/under/younger (e.g. daughter)

(2) bottom

(3) beneath/underneath

(4) (as 下から, 下より, etc.) just after/right after/ (noun (common) (futsuumeishi), nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no')

(5) inferiority/one's inferior (i.e. one's junior)/ (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

(6) (See 下取り) trade-in/ (noun, used as a prefix)

(7) (See 下準備) preliminary/preparatory

下準備 [したじゅんび]

preliminary arrangements/spade work (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

外貨準備高 [がいかじゅんびだか]

total amount of foreign currency reserves/foreign exchange reserves (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

凶器準備集合罪 [きょうきじゅんびしゅうごうざい]

(crime of) assembling with dangerous weapons (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

金貨準備 [きんかじゅんび]

gold reserve (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

金準備 [きんじゅんび]

gold reserve (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

支払い準備率;支払準備率 [しはらいじゅんびりつ]

reserve ratio/reserve rate (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

準備 [じゅんび]

preparation/setup/arrangements/provision/reserve (noun (common) (futsuumeishi), noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru)