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(See 気色悪い) feel sick/(something is) weird (noun or verb acting prenominally) (slang)

きまりが悪い;決まりが悪い;決りが悪い;極りが悪い [きまりがわるい]

(See きまりわるい) embarrassed/ashamed (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), adjective (keiyoushi))

きまり悪い;決まり悪い;決り悪い;極まり悪い [きまりわるい]

feeling awkward/being ashamed/being bashful (adjective (keiyoushi))

けったくそ悪い;卦体糞悪い [けったくそわるい]

extremely vexing (vulgar expression or word) (adjective (keiyoushi))

さらに悪いことに [さらにわるいことに]

and what is worse/to make matters worse (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))


(noun (common) (futsuumeishi), nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no')

(1) (See ばつが悪い) one's circumstances or condition, esp. compared to that of another

(2) coherence (e.g. of a conversation)

ばつが悪い;バツが悪い [ばつがわるい(ばつが悪い);バツがわるい(バツが悪い)]

(See バツの悪い) awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), adjective (keiyoushi))


(See 気持ち悪い) gross/disgusting (abbreviation) (adjective (keiyoushi)) (slang)

ノリが悪い [ノリがわるい]

(ant: ノリが良い) difficult to get into/not be easily influenced into joining some mood or activity (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))

バツの悪い;ばつの悪い [バツのわるい(バツの悪い);ばつのわるい(ばつの悪い)]

(See バツが悪い) awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing (adjective (keiyoushi))