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し始める;為始める;仕始める [しはじめる]

(See 為る・する・1) to begin/to start (Ichidan verb, transitive verb)

飲み始める [のみはじめる]

to begin to drink (Ichidan verb)

押っ始める [おっぱじめる]

to begin (Ichidan verb)

歌い始める [うたいはじめる]

to start singing (Ichidan verb)

泣き始める [なきはじめる]

to begin to cry (Ichidan verb)

言い始める [いいはじめる]

(Ichidan verb)

(1) to say say previously unspoken thoughts

(2) to start saying

(3) to court someone

行き始める [いきはじめる]

to get going/to start off (Ichidan verb)

降り始める [ふりはじめる]

to begin to fall (rain, etc.) (Ichidan verb)

咲き始める [さきはじめる]

to begin blooming (Ichidan verb)

散り始める [ちりはじめる]

to begin falling (e.g. leaves, petals, etc.) (Ichidan verb)