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劓 [はなきり]

(See 五刑) cutting off the nose (form of punishment in ancient China) (noun (common) (futsuumeishi)) (archaism)

お化けの話 [おばけのはなし]

(See 怪談) spooky tale/ghost story (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

お花見 [おはなみ]

(See 花見) cherry blossom viewing/flower viewing (noun (common) (futsuumeishi), noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru)

お話;お話し;御話 [おはなし]

story/tale (noun (common) (futsuumeishi))

お話し中;お話中;御話し中;御話中 [おはなしちゅう]

(See 話中) busy (phone) (polite (teineigo) language) (nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no')

こちらの話;此方の話 [こちらのはなし]

(See こっちの話) talking to oneself (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))

こっちの話 [こっちのはなし]

(See こちらの話) talking to oneself (colloquialism) (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))


(attaches to the imperfective form; from ざり + べし) (See なければならない,なくてはならない・2) must (do, be) (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), auxiliary) (archaism)


I think (something) won't (something)/probably (something) isn't (something) (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))


(Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.))

(1) (See か,だ・1) questioning (something)

(2) let's do (something)