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お願い申し上げる [おねがいもうしあげる]

(very polite) please (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb) (polite (teineigo) language)

お見舞い申し上げる [おみまいもうしあげる]

you have my deepest sympathy (Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb) (humble (kenjougo) language)

こみ上げる;込み上げる;込上げる(io) [こみあげる]

(Ichidan verb, intransitive verb)

(1) to fill (one's heart)/to experience a welling up of feelings or sensations

(2) to feel nauseated

しゃくり上げる [しゃくりあげる]

to sob convulsively/to heave with sobs (Ichidan verb)

そり上げる;剃り上げる [そりあげる]

to shave off (Ichidan verb)

たくし上げる [たくしあげる]

to roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc.) (Ichidan verb)

まくり上げる;捲り上げる [まくりあげる]

to tuck (e.g. sleeves)/to roll up (Ichidan verb)

安く上げる;安くあげる [やすくあげる]

to make it less expensive (Ichidan verb)

暗礁に乗り上げる [あんしょうにのりあげる]

(Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.), Ichidan verb)

(1) to run aground/to strike a rock/to be stranded on a reef

(2) to be deadlocked

育て上げる;育てあげる [そだてあげる]

to raise (to maturity)/to bring up/to rear/to train/to educate (Ichidan verb, transitive verb)